FGU Publishing

FGU Publishing was founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of Florida Global University (FGU), with a focus on improving business management practices. Distributes digital products that include case summaries, grade thesis, research papers, higher education teaching materials and intermediate education so that you can easily access this type of publication as a student or as a general public worldwide.


FGU Publishing and FGU Research Center have obtained the registration of scientific publication in the Library of Congress of the United States. One more step for the excellence of our educational processes and services.

Serial publications are printed or non-printed publications issued in successive parts, usually with Numbers and / or dates. A series is expected to continue indefinitely. The series includes magazines, newspapers, annual publications (such as reports, yearbooks and directories), magazines, reports, minutes, corporate transactions, and monographic series. It is also eligible for ISSN are those publications issued in successive parts that are numbered and also have other characteristics of the series, but whose duration is limited, for example, the newsletter of an event. Our first two scientific journals are Global Negotium Journal (ISSN 2642-4800) and Saperes Universitas Journal (ISSN 2642-4789), and two new ones are expected in the coming months. all in order to publicize the scientific production of the FGU. The library of the US Congress is the institution that coordinates the granting of the ISSN and also has the category of university editorial.

Scientific Indexing Services