Business ethics: A fundamental link based on prospective decision-making

  • Cristina Seijo Universidad del Zulia
  • Cornelio Torres ElectroStar
Keywords: Business ethics, Organizational climate, Human coexistence, Decision making


Ethics is considered an element of high importance for human coexistence, it is present in all aspects of man, therefore it influences the different social spheres in which he interacts, be it the family, professional or work performance, the diversity of groups social, cultural and social that integrates until reaching the complex structure of the Nation State and the Globality of the Earth System. Under this premise, this article is proposed, whose purpose is to analyze business ethics since it plays a transcendental role in the context of companies, establishing itself as the core link of organizations, to the point of influencing the managerial process, influencing its development, professional and work performance of its members, organizational climate and results; under the theoretical postulates of Barroso (2020), Cortina (2021), Escobar (2008), Guillen (2006), among others. In this sense, a descriptive, non-experimental study was prepared through documentary analysis. In accordance with the ideas and interrelationships addressed in the article, the importance and high responsibility of companies when conducting themselves within a framework of ethics can be assessed.