A Deep Dive into the Trajectory and Transformation of Fintech in Colombia Through the case of PTM Colombia

  • Yanni Gabriel Guacaneme Álvarez Corporación universitaria de Sabaneta Unisabaneta
  • Catalina Medina Ardila Corporación universitaria de Sabaneta Unisabaneta
  • Nadeska Gallardo Licháa Corporación universitaria de Sabaneta Unisabaneta
  • Otilia Miladys Gil Hoyos Corporación Universitaria Remington Uniremington
Keywords: Financial technology, Financial inclusion, Fintech ecosystem, Financial transformation


This research focuses on analyzing and understanding the evolution and impact of fintech companies in Colombia, using PTM Colombia as a case study, a company that has undergone a significant transformation from its beginnings as a provider of physical recharges to its current position. as a comprehensive platform for digital financial services. The current research uses a qualitative descriptive approach and places emphasis on understanding the perceptions and experiences in the field of Fintech in Colombia, particularly in the case of PTM Colombia. The study revealed that adaptability and customer orientation have been fundamental in the evolution of PTM, allowing the company to expand its range of services by actively listening to the needs of its users and adjusting its strategies accordingly. In addition, an accelerated and diversified growth of Fintech will be observed in Colombia, particularly in sectors such as credit and payments, driven by a constantly advancing technological environment and a regulatory framework that, although it presents challenges, also offers opportunities for financial innovation. This growth has impacted the traditional banking sector, which, instead of being replaced by Fintech, is finding new forms of collaboration and coexistence that benefit both parties and, above all, the end consumer. In conclusion, the study highlights how Fintech in Colombia, represented by cases such as PTM, are redefining the financial landscape through the adoption of advanced technologies, collaboration with traditional banking, and a strong customer orientation.