Strategic leadership and ethical performance of teachers in educational organizations

  • Jesús Alfonso Arocha Rangel Florida Global University
Keywords: Strategic leadership, Ethical performance, Teaching, Educational organizations


This study focuses on the strategic leadership and ethical performance of teachers in educational organizations. Methodologically, the Research is documentary under the qualitative paradigm, using observation as a data collection technique, carrying out a bibliographic documentary review in five central areas that are related to strategic leadership in the construction of the teacher's profile, application of ethics in teaching , influence of ethics in leadership, ethics and teaching and ethics and leadership. It is concluded that a leader or teacher with proven ethics can transform an organization and make it bigger, that the study of ethical leadership has been promoted by numerous scandals and cases of ethical failure, affecting companies and public administrations, that This type of leader influences others and results. Finally, leaders set the tone, develop the vision, and their values and behaviors shape the behavior of people who are involved with organizations or societies.