Integration of sustainable marketing into university management: An innovative and sustainable approach

  • Eric Enrique Espinosa Fernández
  • Maricarmen Soto Ortigoza Universidad del Caribe
Keywords: Sustainable Marketing, B System, University community, Sustainable ecosystem


Nowadays, university organizations tend to have a sustainable management approach. In this sense, this action is rooted in Marketing, according to the reviewed documentary inference of the discipline, strengthening the corporate image in higher education. Therefore, the general objective was to integrate sustainable marketing into university management: an innovative and sustainable approach, reinforcing social responsibility, environmental care, and economic self-management from Science. The methodology was based on paradigmatic complementarity, developed in two phases: a quantitative one with a descriptive-exploratory non-experimental field research type and a qualitative phase with a phenomenological-hermeneutical approach that produced mixed data. Attention was given to transforming processes from the directive to the discipline, global demands for optimized strategies, and generating the initial experience of the B system in the university, which were part of the relevant results. It was concluded that, to reinforce university representativeness, credibility, trust, and value for the educational community, research based on sustainability mitigates negative impacts on the university and, therefore, the country delimited by this research, Panama. Conclusive aspects expose strategic guidelines to create the B system, with routes towards a cultural change that benefits the university community, economic growth, and sustainability ecosystem.