Digital transformation in human resource management

  • Emmanuel Pérez Universidad de Panamá
Keywords: Digital Transformation, Human Resource Management, Organizations


Digital transformation in human resource management involves the integration of new technologies and strategies to optimize processes related to personnel administration. This change aims to enhance efficiency, data-driven decision-making, and overall employee experience in the workplace. In Panama, this issue faces challenges such as technological gaps, resistance to change in some organizations, and the need to develop digital skills among staff. Overcoming these obstacles requires specific strategies to drive a successful transition towards more advanced practices in human resource management. Consequently, the research aimed to analyze digital transformation in human resource management, adopting a qualitative paradigm and a descriptive documentary research approach, utilizing hermeneutics to interpret findings. Relevant results emphasize the necessity of addressing challenges like training in emerging technologies and cybersecurity to ensure positive and sustainable outcomes in the evolution of human resource practices in the country. Among the conclusions, digital transformation in human resource management in Panama could lead to increased operational efficiency, streamlined processes through automation, enhanced data-driven decision-making, and the promotion of a more flexible and collaborative organizational culture, ultimately improving the employee experience.