From inside out: Internal marketing as an engine for service promotion

  • Yermaline Ching Universidad de Panamá
Keywords: Internal marketing strategies, Service promotion, Marketing


Focusing on "from inside out" means understanding that the driving force behind a successful service promotion campaign lies in a deep connection with the internal team, turning it into the engine that propels a positive brand perception. The University of Panama faces challenges in the effective implementation of strategies involving its internal staff, impacting the coherence and strength of its promotional messages. The research aimed to determine internal marketing strategies as an engine for service promotion at the Central Campus and CRUSAM. The applied study was descriptive, non-experimental field research, and cross-sectional. The sample consisted of 80 individuals using a quota sampling method to measure and quantify the expression of a construct or variable that is not directly observable. A self-administered questionnaire was used to collect information, measuring variables in their various dimensions. Content validity of the questionnaire was ensured through the evaluation of three experts, and the reliability of the Likert-type instrument was assessed using the Cronbach's Alpha coefficient, which was found to be very high (0.918). The results led to the conclusion that establishing internal marketing strategies is necessary for the transformation and innovation process in the university through service promotion.